About Us

We are an international company with world-class expertise in safety management and human factors. We regularly facilitate (online and in-person) workshops to promote innovation across safety-critical industries. A key aspect of our work is spending time researching real-life experiences and creating compelling human stories of those experiences. We use these stories to create engagement, reflection, questioning, and active listening. Our aim is for leaders to experience a truly learning environment and it often starts with appreciating diversity of viewpoints. We call it Embracing differences.

A word on the power of differences. Understanding differences does not mean we have to agree with them. Rather, differences challenge us from within, enrich our experiences and create possibilities for dialogue, discussion and change. Appreciating differences brings us closer to each other. When we learn to embrace differences, we create an environment for learning and growth.

"Nippin has presented at the OCIMF on more than one occasion. I am fascinated by his forward thinking approach and pragmatic solutions to many of the challenges we face in the maritime sector."

- Captain Anuj Gupta, OCIMF Navigation Committee Chair


Nippin Anand

I believe in embracing differences. As uncomfortable as it may sound, in my opinion learning is most effective when we begin to appreciate viewpoints that don’t necessarily coincide with ours. I help leaders understand the power of diversity and balanced views for personal and organisational growth.

My career capital entails a variety of experiences from being a shelf-stacker, fishmonger, master mariner, research fellow, consultant, safety inspector and now an entrepreneur. And apart from being a dignified boat driver (master mariner) I hold a master’s degree in economics and PhD in social sciences and anthropology (where my heart truly lies). All this allow me to understand both technical and social dimensions of safety and human factors.

During my career at sea, I experienced a near collision which was traumatic as a start but later became a turning point in my life. A decade later when I took up Social Sciences it became obvious to me how human experiences can be narrated and interpreted in many different ways. Since then, I have taken up a passion for storytelling using real-life experiences. The power of thinking, reflecting and questioning the obvious mirrors in everything I do, and in my view, progressive organisations should move away from shaming and blaming and focus on learning and improvement.

"I met Nippin several years ago at a conference and have worked with him several times since, in my role as an editor and as a co-organiser or conferences, workshops and seminars concerning the safety of air traffic management and the judicial system. I have always felt that Nippin’s perspective on work and safety resonates with my own. Nippin helps people to expand their thinking about people, their activities, tools and the contexts in which they work, and how all of this bring about outcomes, both good and bad. His background as a Master Mariner also provides a practical foundation to his work, and strikes a chord of credibility with both front-line staff and senior management. His ability to create and convey narrative with international audiences is exceptional. As well as a depth of insight, he has a humility and sagacious perception of the world which people appreciate. I have always been deeply impressed with Nippin and would not hesitate to work with him or to recommend him."

Dr Steven Shorrock
Chartered Psychologist, Chartered Ergonomist and Human Factors Specialist

Based in the North East of Scotland, I travel extensively and set up learning events across the world. My work is recognized both in the scientific community and across safety critical industries - maritime, oil and gas, aviation, retail, health, insurance and renewable sector.

There is a beautiful expression in anthropology - ‘making the familiar strange and the strange familiar’. I find it very helpful in learning more about myself each day.